Drag and drop item snapping to target when using triggers (not DD freeform)

Jul 08, 2020


I'm having an issue with a drag and drop interaction, where one of the drag items has two possible answers. I've used triggers and variables, instead of freeform to enable this. 

The issue is the item which has more than one possible answer (black oval) is snapping to the centre of one of the drop targets and I can't work out why! 

Looking through the forum I've tried the following solutions to no avail: 

  1. Using shapes instead of hotspots as the drop target 
  2. Creating a customised state for the drag item, instead of the default drop correct 
  3. Enabling drag and drop freeform in combination with triggers
  4. Disabling 'snap dropped items to drop target' in the D & D options
  5. When setting up freeform answers, listing these so the drag items and drop targets are listed, but not assigned to each other.

I think a fresh pair of eyes might help. Any insight appreciated! :)  

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Leonie,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your file!

After reviewing your file, I was experiencing the same behavior with the oval. I noticed it would snap to the center of the left larger hotspot oval. I ended up removing that hotspot and inserting a new one which appears to have cleared up that issue. 

I am attaching a revised version of your course to my comment. Could I have you check to see if you are experiencing the same behavior in this new file? 

Please keep us posted on this! 

Leonie Lawson

Hi, thank you for taking the time to look at this. It did work initially, but when I updated the trigger, so that the black oval could be placed within either the large oval R or L to be 'drop correct', it reverted back to snapping to the center of the L hotspot oval. If I remove the trigger, it doesn't snap to center. 

Any other ideas? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Leonie,

Thanks for the further description. I was able to see this as well, but it is related to the Left Hotspot not being defined in your form view. I recorded a quick Peek 360 video to demonstrate what I was seeing and how to correct this 'snap' behavior.

Your updated slide is slide 1 in the attached project.

In addition, I wasn't sure how you were getting the correct/incorrect to function, so I shared an alternate idea (you'd have to deal with snap behavior though) on slide 2. The extreme coloring on 'Drop Correct' and the Correct/Incorrect buttons being visible on the slide (I use this feature off-slide so the learner doesn't see them) was so you could see it in action.

Either way, I hope this helps :)

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