Drag and drop item snapping (NOT drag & drop template)

Feb 24, 2016

Hi all,

I know you can have drag items drop freely if you use the Drag & Drop template in Storyline, but I am using a blank template and utilizing triggers to show a layer based on a drop target. I actually have two correct drop targets, which is why I am not using the template (which doesn't allow for two correct answers for one drag item, but if I am wrong here, please let me know). I also have state changes dependent on where an item is dropped, but the states can change unlimited times until the custom Submit button is pressed. 

Long story short, the drag item is snapping to the center of the drop targets, which sometimes isn't visually appealing for the shape. Does anyone know how to change this when you're NOT using the Drag & Drop template?

Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lindsey,

You mentioned not using the drag and drop template - but I'm unclear on how you're allowing the snapping to happen then? You can change the snapping options as detailed in this tutorial - and perhaps if there is not a "correct" option you could look at removing the scoring or feedback so that you're able to use those options but not have it tracked. 

If I'm misunderstanding or you need more assistance please feel free to share your .story file here so that we can take a look. 

Lindsey Ball

I would love to just use the template, but it doesn't allow for multiple correct drop items for a single drag target. So instead I used a blank template, set it up the same way, then had a variable change based on where the user dragged an item (using Adjust variable ... when user drops an item on ...). But using the trigger options to create a drag-and-drop doesn't give you any option to edit the options like the template does; it just snaps the item to the center.

To solve, I ended up creating multiple hotspots over the targets that were giving me issues and just duplicating triggers I had already created. Works decently enough for me.

I would share the .story file, but it's for work, and my boss wouldn't like that :)

Amy Higdon

I was working through a similar issue. I came up with a pretty decent solution, I think. This is the message I wrote: "SO…I most definitely spent entirely too long on this but I just HAD to get it to work! Now, you can put items in and out of the cage and when you click submit, it will only take into consideration the current items in the cage. They also follow a motion path when you drop them, so they don’t stack in the center. SO, they won’t drop exactly where the user wants them to go, but they won’t be in a big pile in the middle. And if the user wants to try and pick it up and rearrange items (resulting in multiple drops) of the same item in the cage, it won’t mess up the variables!" There are a total of five attachments that illustrate the programming of this drag and drop interaction.


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