Drag and drop layering

Jan 28, 2021

Hi, I have created a drag and drop interaction with pieces of one image...there are four concentric circles that go on top of each other.  The problem is that for the drag and drop, whichever piece you move last covers the others.  So if they do the largest circle last, it covers up everything underneath it.  I worked around this by only showing one drag item at a time, but the user could still mess things up by accidentally clicking on a previously snapped item, which brings it to the front again, covering the other circles.  I can't find any settings to fix this.  Any suggestions?

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Walt Hamilton

If you move an object on a motion path, I think that brings it to the front. Give each circle a motion path of zero length, and a relative start point. That way when you move it on that path, it doesn't move, but I think it will come to the front. To move it, you will have to delete the default trigger, which moves it when its timeline starts. Then create a trigger to move each of the four. Move the largest first, and the smallest last, and you'll probably need a set of triggers for when each one is dropped, and maybe when clicked.