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B Lewis

I have attached the story file, the first slide is blank, the second slide has the example

The correct match is the first block to the left dropped on the lower text box.

As you will see the Correct reasoning text box covers the blocks along top but does not cover the block once it is dropped.

B Lewis

Ok... I cleaned it up a bit.

I am trying to have the correct reasoning text fly in once the correct drop is performed.

When black block 1 is dropped on lower block 1, the text flies in but does not cover up the block in it's Dropped state.

It does cover the blocks on top in the Normal state

B Lewis

Thank you Walter,

I have tried this numerous times with no solution. When I was trying to manipulate my current slide the layer would just show up white and cover up the base layer.

Once I recreated the slide it seems to be working with just showing the layer.

Was trying to save the work of recreating the slide.