Drag and Drop- Limit the number of drop items on a drop target

Apr 19, 2017


Iam trying to make a Drag and Drop quiz where i can only drop 4 items in the drop target out of 6. If it is more than 4 then the last one goes out from the drop target and  to its original place.

Has anyone tried this before?


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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Neetu, I'm all about simplicity so my first question would be: Why does it need to work like this? The complexer your interaction the more difficult the employee will find it to work with it in my experience. 

I've been playing around with it in Storyline and am pretty sure that you could build it but it would take a lot of time to build and test and I don't even want to think about maintenance. So would it be worth the time to spend on setting up the interaction this way or would it be ok to stick with default functionality? 

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