Drag and drop - make draggable item appear under object

Apr 02, 2013


I was wondering if any of you lovely people could help me. I've used a simple example to explain a more complicated interaction im creating for ease of descirption.

I basically want to create a drg and drop where there is an image of a coin (coin.png) and you have to place a piece of paper (paper.png) under the coin by dragging the piece of paper to the right place (ie under the coin). My problem is that when you drag the paper over the coin it covers the coin so the coin is no longer visible.  I want the coin to always be visible so it looks like the user is sliding the piece of paper under the coin rather then just dumping it on top -is this possible?

I have changed the ordering so that the coin is in front of the paper but drag and drop seem to ovverride this. Any advice?

Thanks in advance

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