Drag and drop matching questions

Drag and drop matching questions won't allow user to move the answers up or down. Users using desktop PC running Windows 7. The stories are saved as SCORM and uploaded to Moodle. User can log into a PC laptop and complete the lesson without any trouble. Flash is up to date on both types of computers. Any suggestions as to what to try? 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sandra and welcome to Heroes! 

If it's just this one user and that one computer you'll also want to see if they can use a different browser and that the flash player with the browser they're using is up to date - not just the one on the computer. A great site to help confirm all these details is supportdetails.com. 

Sandra Hines

It is not just one computer and one user. It seems to be random. Actually, when I was testing a new lesson I was creating, a drag-drop would not "stick" in place. I refreshed and it worked fine. We have a number of users using Windows 7 who are having trouble. Sometimes they can start over or move to a different computer and it works and sometimes it will do the same thing. The computers I looked at are all using the most recent flash. Also, it is happening on Chrome and IE.