Drag and Drop Matching quiz - how to show which options are correct and incorrect selections?

Hi all,

I'm using SL 360 and have added a built-in matching drag and drop. This is just a check your knowledge kind of question and therefore, no results slide. There are 2 attempts with custom feedback for each attempt. When learner gets it incorrect, I want to be able to show which of their selected options are correct and incorrect - so they don't have to try the correct ones again (on the first attempt, I mean). 

1) Can this be done? If yes, how?

2) If it can't be done, would restricting to 2 attempts and showing correct options as part of feedback on the 2nd attempt - be a sensible approach? 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Prathiba,

Sounds like a cool set up! 

Keep in mind that each re-attempt of a question, the slide won't be reset on a drag and drop to allow a user to see how they previously answered. Since a matching drag and drop doesn't have states associated with each drag item, there isn't a built-in way to accomplish #1. (If you used a custom freeform drag/drop - you could assign a correct/incorrect state to each item).

It sounds like #2 is the best approach -  you may want to look at displaying this as an additional image on your feedback slide as you can't change the state/location of the items based solely on viewing a layer. 

If you're unsure of next steps, share your .story file here! That's a great way to have folks in the community weigh in on your design and set up!