Drag and Drop not accepting correct answers in certain environments

Jul 26, 2018

I have multiple drag-and-drop questions that work perfectly in preview and when viewed locally (in Chrome and IE), but do not work when viewed from a shared drive on a computer with restricted settings (the 'problem' computer). I do not have the ability to test  it on the LMS yet. 

All attempts to get it working on the 'problem' machine fail, with correct answers being treated as incorrect. 

Note: I cannot use any browser other than IE (version: 11.0.9600.19035 )on the problem computer, and have no access to compatibility view settings. 

I have tried changing the shuffle option, and both drop target options (number per and snap). 

Have any of you encountered a similar conundrum? 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Ralph,

Thanks for sharing the details of your testing.

You mention that it works as expected during preview, but you have not been able to upload and test in the LMS yet?

Viewing the published output locally or on a network drive would not be a supported environment and browser security will block many activities.

I'd recommend uploading to SCORM Cloud if you cannot upload to your LMS yet and see how the content performs there.

If you need us to assist in testing, feel free to share your .story file :)

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