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Jul 06, 2018

Hi, a REAL newby here, but I'm learning FAST!

I have created a drag and drop where the user can choose 2 of 5 bonus items.

They drag the item onto the hotspot and a variable calculates the value of the bonus. 

Obviously, all of the items can be dragged and the user can play around with the combination of bonuses they would like to earn.  

I have no clue how to let anybody see my project, but I have attached an image.

Right now in my example, 1 item is dragged and the calculation is there.  When the 2nd item is dragged, the calculations will change to show the value of both added together.

Once a user has moved the 2nd item to the hotspot, I DON'T want them to be able to move a third...I want them to then click the RESET button and choose another combination of 2.  Otherwise, the numbers will just continue to add and add and add, and I don't want that.

HOW do I do this?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Pamela

Add a transparent fill (100% transparent - not NO fill)  rectangle over the draggable items that is set to initial state of hidden.

Set a trigger to change the state of the rectangle to normal when two items have been dropped on the target.  This will stop them from dragging anything else.

If you still need help, just click the grey 'add attachment' button at the bottom of the post and upload the .story file (the one you open in storyline - or even just that slide) and someone can help you.

Also, you need another trigger to change the rectangle back to hidden if they clicked the Reset button so they could drag items again.

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