Drag and Drop Question

Apr 24, 2013

Hello all,

I'm attempting to build an interaction where a pin pad wand is dragged and dropped onto an "Enter" button on a pin pad screen. I'd like for something to happen upon the user drops the wand on the drop target. (the word Correct appears by changing state from hidden to normal)

I can't figure out how to make this happen without the user needing to click a submit button. Is there any way to use a drag and drop without clicking a submit button?

I've attached a sample story file.

Thanks very much.

- Scott

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Josh Uhlig

You can also accomplish this by adding feedback to your drag and drop question.  Just change the feedback option to "By Question" and modify the new layer as you see fit.  Options in the interaction settings allow you to display the feedback without clicking the submit button. 

You could also edit the default 'submit interaction' trigger to be dependent on the object being dragged over the appropriate target rather than a result of pressing the submit button.

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