Drag and drop question for second attempt

I like using drag and drop questions but have a problem when the learner revisits the slide for another attempt.

The problem is that the label that they drag to the definition does not return to its initial site on the slide for the learner to redo the question.  Do I need to use a Trues/False  variable  to "reset" the label back to its initial position on the slide?  If so, how do I do that?


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Mark Jennings

I have used the drag and drop for questions and free-form in a couple of projects now.

I am, though, finding that when I preview a slide, it works well. But when I preview a scene and come to the question, if I get the question 'wrong', it jumps straight to the Incorrect layer and not the Try Again layer.

I have checked the properties but can't work out why it works fine when previewing just the slide but doesn't when previewing the scene.