Drag and Drop Question - Return Incorrect Answers back to start

May 07, 2014


Articulate Storyline:

I have 8 objects on my Drag and Drop slide. 4 are Correct answers and 4 are Incorrect answers. There is a drop target (it is an envelop). Here is what I would like to have happen.

For each drag and drop of the Correct answers the object stays in the envelop.

For each drag and drop of the Incorrect answers the object is snapped back to its original position on the slide.

How am I able to get this to happen.

Thank you!

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Yulia Seredina

hi everybody! I am struggling with the same question: I need to reset only incorrect answers to the initial state AFTER a learner clicks submit button in drag and drop section. I ticked:

- drag Items Options - return item to start point if dropped outside a correct drop target

- Feedback - delay item drop states until interaction is submitted.

For some reason items still are returning back stray away if I drop them not to the correct box.

If anybody could help, please let me know!



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yulia,

If you need to have only the incorrect ones return after submission you may need to set up something custom, as the built-in options don't allow for that. They only allow for returning them when dropped incorrectly (not when submitting incorrectly).

There are plenty of creative design experts here in the community so I hope they're able to help you out and offer ideas! 

Walt Hamilton

You can't return only incorrect answers after clicking Submit with the built-in Drag and Drop.  The attached sample can.

On slide 1, you will see the incorrect items actually fly back to their original spots. (I originally made this for middle school students.) When you dig into it, you may find it is more work than the visual animation is worth. (I probably wouldn't do it that way again, but I really like the teacher I did it for.) Slide 2 shows them instantly jumping back to their original spots. It's not nearly as glamorous, but a lot less work.

Slide 3 additionally allows only one item per drop target.

English Thynker

I also have the same concern. I have 11 drag objects, 1 drop target. There are only 4 correct objects to be dropped in the target, all 4 of them should be dropped to show the Correct prompt/layer. I want the correct objects to stay on the drop target and return incorrectly dropped objects back to their original positions AFTER clicking submit. I've been seeing suggestions to be able to achieve "return incorrect objects after submit" but those are only applicable if each drag object has their respective drop target. Please assist.