Drag and drop question/ two correct drag and drop targets for one item/ change state after successful droped items

Dec 22, 2020

Hello, Again would appreciate some help.

There are two drag items and two drop targets. It doesn't matter if I put Item 1 on target 1 and item 2 on target 2 or item 1 on target 2 and item 2 on target 1. How can I arrange that.

If all four items are dropped on the correct target the arrow on the left bottom should disapper. Do I need variables or is there an easier way.


Thank you for help.

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Ryan Crockett

Hi Oswald-

I think I have it doing what you described. When you want multiple items to be able to be dropped in a particular category, you only need to use one drop zone for each category. Also, compare the drag and drop option how I have them to what you originally had.

Instead of using a variable, I created states for each of the drop text items and the arrow. When all of the drop text items indicated they were dropped correctly, then the arrow state changed to 'hidden'.