Drag and Drop Question with no correct answer

Mar 08, 2016

Is it possible to build a drag and drop freeform question where none of the Drag Items are correct (meaning the user should leave the Drop Target empty)?


Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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Walt Hamilton

There are some things you would have to overcome. The user must move a shape and drop it, for the built-in DnD to consider the question answered.

You need to create a method to make the slide think the answer is correct, and like Michael says, you can't just do that by not having a correct answer. you must provide an answer that is correct, and the user must choose it. You can't just start an offstage shape on top of the correct answer; unless the user moves it, it doesn't register.

I'd recommend modifying a select one interaction; with that you can create a correct answer before the slide even starts.


Thanks, I appreciate everyone's help.

I used the pick one technique.

I don't know if this was the most efficient way to do it, but I set up a correct and incorrect object off stage for my choices with the correct object initial state set to "selected". Then for each of the drag objects, I created True/False variables. I used a hotspot for the drop target and a hotspot for outside the drop target with triggers set on each drag object to change the variable to false if dragged over the drop target and true if dragged outside the drop target. Then I set triggers on the submit button to change the state of the incorrect object to "selected" if any of the variables were false and another trigger to change the state of the correct object to "selected" if all of the variables were true.

I attached an example in case anyone else has this problem.

This felt like an extremely complicated solution. Let me know if anyone comes up with a better method of doing this.

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