Drag and Drop re-order list issues

I have a drag and drop scenario set up as freeform quiz using hotspots. My list has 6 groups of pic and text. The initial view has them come up in a shuffled order and the object is to place them in the correct order.

My problem is that when I drag a group into it's correct place, the one that was originally shown doesn't "move" out of the way. I end up with two items on top of each other. I don't have room on the screen to put 2 sets of the images, i.e. starting off with them all on the side or bottom and dragging each into it's correct position.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Chuck

I've found SL doesn't play nicely with groups and when you have such big drag items I find it easier to save them as pictures and display one at a time...so they are all positioned on top of each other and you decide the order they reveal to be dropped.

Not ideal for you I know as your design layout is specific but in my example I've saved your grouped drag items as pictures then inserted them back in.  I've set them to show one at a time in the top right - if you're happy with the functionality you may just need to tweak the size/position of your heading to make it work. Also it allows you to see what placements you have and if you choose to move one to another position where there is already an item it will snap the other one back to top right so you can relocate it.

Hopefully others can chime in to help you