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Francisco Carreon

Thanks for the reply Geert,

It wont work, the user will be presented with a series of object to drag into targets, but these targets can receive only one drop but the options are not limited to only one. It wont work because the user can choose to start with "any" item in any different order. The best is to set variables to allow this to happend but I don't think you can do that particular task in SL. 

Francisco Carreon

Each of the Math functions ideally can be drop into any of the two possible drop boxes on the right side. you can drag and drop in any order. When you grab any of those functions, the graph at the bottom changes dynamically, you can send them back to the original position if  you like.

Geert De Rycke

Hi Francisco,

Here's an adapted version.

It is now possible to drop 1 blue function into either green response.

I've used the dropped onto condition to hide the second blue function...

It's an idea, and needs to be worked out a bit more, but I guess you see what I mean



Francisco Carreon

Let me see if I understand correctly.

You have 2 (blue) of the same function, one on top of the other.

You have two possible drop containers for object one.

When you drop object 1 into any of the two containers you have a trigger that hides object 2.

Object 2 has to containers that could go, but never does because get hidden.

The trigger is the one that allows you to drop one of the items into any of the two containers. Object two is only allowing to open that possibility when using the trigger. correct?

 How you will get this as a correct answer?

Francisco Carreon


Can you explain how you will do the log in on triggers? Can this be track to a LMS system as a standard Drag and Drop?

I cannot change the question as it would change the intent of it. I did change the Drap and Drop having a bigger container where you can drop more than one of the functions into it, this works well but visually is not as appealing as the example that I share with you. Storyline does not have many options to line up the functions properlly, I use "free" for the placement, but the user will have to arrange them manually and never looks as good as snapping to a center.

Thank you for your solution, very clever.

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