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I'm looking for a really creative drag and drop (or other template) for a quiz that consists of 7 sets of 2 question one of which is correct and one not. Right now I've got a smiley face and a frowny face available to us. Any ideas for making it something that will make the learner THINK about the statements or some animation that can help it not be point and click?  THANKS!!!

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Georvy Sacramento

Hi Sylvia,

I think there is a very similar post that I ran across the heroes forum. I would like to quote @Nicole Legault for her response to John about 3 years ago:

"There are lots of free drag-and-drop goodies available in the community: 

8 Fresh Drag-and-Drop Examples (with Template Freebies!)

Hit Your Target with These 7 Drag-and-Drop Examples

and I think this Sorting interaction might be similar to what you're looking for? Storyline 2: Drag-and-Drop Sorting Interaction  

If you don't find a template that fits your needs, building your own drag-and-drop interaction is super quick and easy to do with our Freeform slides. Here's some links and resources to help you out with that:

TUTORIAL: Storyline 2: Drag-and-Drop Questions

VIDEO: Getting Started with Articulate Storyline 2: Creating freeform drag & drop interactions

Best of luck with your drag and drop activity :) "

Hope this helps. :)