Drag and Drop Tiling

I'm having some trouble tiling drop items in the drop target.  I've had success with this before, but now the objects are not stacking on top of each each from top to bottom, as I would like.  Instead the objects are being placed next to each, they're overlapping and extending beyond the drop area.

I'm using a rectangle with no fill and no outline as the drop target and simply dragging and dropping text onto the target area.

Thanks for any help.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Andrew,

I THINK the default is for tiled dragged objects to be placed next to each other. Since you haven't uploaded an example, I'm not sure what your needs are for your lesson, but one way to work around this is to size the target so that it's not wide enough to allow the draggable objects to sit side-by-side. That way, they stack vertically instead.

Can you upload your slide so the community can take a look?