Drag and Drop with hidden submit button?

May 31, 2016

Hi there,

I have a freeform drag and drop slide with a custom Submit button.

I would like to have the Submit button be hidden and get set to normal only after the user has dragged and dropped all of the items.

Is there any way to do this?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mark

see attached sample - one way of doing it.

Because a group can't have a state, it's easier to save your grouped items as a picture which you can then apply states to.

I have duplicated your slide and done the above change just with the first drag item.

See if this works for you

Walt Hamilton

Try this.  Some things to note:

1. I wrote triggers for "Regular Personal Data" and "User Data"  to be dropped on either "Personal Financial Data" and "Customer Names". To use them, you will need add the other three potential drop targets to their triggers.

2. I added a fail-safe ("Rectangle 1").  In case the user drags a dropped shape off the target, the Submit button will not show until all shapes are on targets. To use it you will need to set it to have no outline. I left the outline so it is easy to find.

3. To use this, you need to duplicate the triggers. There are 4 slide triggers, two for each of the two drag objects. Each of the other three drag objects needs those two triggers, and the ones for Target1 and Target2 need to be expanded to have conditions for all 5 variables.  Each of the other three drag objects needs both of the triggers that Oval 2 and Oval 3 have, but after you update them according to #1.

I think it works the way you want, except for one thing: Groups don't play nicely with ... well, with anything else. If you want to keep your groups, and can make everything work, more power to you. My experience tells me that if this is my interaction, the first step is to get rid of all the groups. I'd rather keep the lawyers than the groups ;) I took each of those four groups, copied the text, deleted the text box, right clicked, chose Edit Text, and pasted the text, keeping the original formatting. (Even though Wendy didn't come up with what you wanted, it is instructive to note that her first step was to get rid of the groups, and there is a good reason for that.)

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