Drag and Drop with Multiple Attempts and Retain answers after last attempt

Sep 27, 2017

I've read a lot on this forum about drag and drop but I haven't yet found the exact situation I'm in, so I'm hoping someone has an insight.

  • I do not use the playbar - I have my own navigation buttons. (This becomes important later!)
  • I have a drag and drop knowledge check.
  • The learner has 2 chances to answer.
  • When the learner clicks Continue on the Try Again layer, they jump to the start of the slide. Reset to initial state is checked. (This is the only way I can figure out how to reset the drag items)
  • I have a variable (var_KCAnswered) that is assigned "TRUE" when the Continue button on either the Correct or Incorrect layer is clicked.
  • Whenever the learner returns to this slide using the custom navigation buttons, if the var_KCAnswered is True, it displays a layer with back and forward buttons (rather than Submit) so they can continue navigating around the course.

My dilemma: I need to have the last answers they chose to display rather than having the slide reset. 

Does anyone know if this is possible?

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