Drag and drop woes - I bet this is staring me in the face!

I have made this new tool today - I like what it potentially can do, but it is hurting my brain with a problem... When I drag the same item of alcohol twice, it double counts the score. So for example, if I reposition the beer to sit neatly on the bar, and readjust it again to make room for other beers, the score goes up. I don't want this ;(

Click the link and try it out, I guess the solution is staring at me, but I can't get it!


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Mark Shepherd

Hi Chris:

A suggestion for your project:

You need to design to prevent reusability of your objects (drinks) in this space, otherwise, Storyline might run away with your interaction, giving you the undesired effects.

To address this potential issue, why not create a series of invisible placeholders (grid-style?) with states attached to them so that when you drag and drop something to the bar, they change states of the placeholders, so that they appear/fill up in set positions with the appropriate drinks inside them (?)

By placing your drink target(s) in fixed destination points, you have much more control over what happens before and after you move/display them.  You can also ensure that you do not create multiple drinks in the same spot.

As a result, you could adjust your scoring functionality via triggers to ensure that this happens only once.  You may need to define a specific (visual) bar area for your drag and drop interaction in order to accomplish this. ;)

Hope this helps!