Remove Sound Icon/Volume Control

Jul 21, 2012

Hello all,

I have looked around the community for a way to remove the sound icon/the volume control for a slide of mine in Storyline. I read about "Interaction Properties" as a way to do this but could not find this tab or any other method to remove the icon/control. I am sure it is staring me in the face but I just can't see it. Can anyone please help me with this?


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Adrian Dean

Hi Avery,

The volume control is located in the player's properties. If you inserted a Screen Recording for example, then you would click on the Player properties button at the top right.

Within the properties there will be an option to uncheck the volume.

I'll do a Screenr video for this soon and post it here.

Always Happy to Help,


Avery William

Adrian and Colin! Bringing the heat! Nice work. I didn't see that at all ... too much time staring at my screen I guess. 

Colin, you mention that you can take the volume control/speaker icon for individual slides on the bottom right corner while in slide view. I only have Player Features there with menu, glossary, seekbar, resources, and notes that I can uncheck. But no volume icon I can uncheck. Am I lookng in the right place? I was able to take out the slide path menu there if any one is interested ... I was!

Thanks so much for answering me ... on a Saturday no less!

Christa Novelli

It's not important enough for me to attempt to hack the code and remove the audio button from one slide, but this would be a very nice feature. Given that we can set the player features for a slide as "custom for the selected slides" and remove the seekbar from that slide, for instance, it would make sense to allow customization of other player features at the same place.