Drag & Drop: Feedback for each box

Sep 20, 2018


I have a drag and drop activity with 3 incorrect options and one correct. each option has a different feedback that should show after learner click the Submit button. The problem is that as it is a custom drag and drop set with triggers I am able to submit more than one option and when I do that, the audio of all the options submitted is played at once. 

Is there a way to just allow one layer to show up? I have already tried "Hide other layer" in the layer properties.


I have attached a sample of the slide


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Santiago,

Thanks for sharing your file. I took a look and saw a few drag and drops, but I wasn't sure which ones you were having trouble with.

I viewed slide 5.5 which didn't have any custom setups for showing items, but I did note that you didn't select the option to only allow one drag item in each drop target. Regardless, if you were to put both answers in the same drop target, you'll hear the try again or incorrect feedback as one is wrong.

I also saw slide 9.1 is set up to show new slides for the answers vs. the layers, and that also seemed to be behaving well, as I couldn't drop more than one item on a target and the correct audio was playing.

Let me know where specifically to look and I'm happy to try again! 

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