Drag & Drop Incorrect Placement Prompt

Apr 17, 2013

Scenario: User grabs an object and places it in a small hotspot.


  1. When the the user places the object correctly, jump to next slide.
  2. When the the user places the object incorrectly, return object to position & trigger a prompt (show layer)

There is no need for scoring and the submission button disabled.

I have the Drag & Drop Freeform setting applied & objective one works great.

How would I trigger a prompt for incorrect placement?

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Nicholas Ng

Thank you. This helped substantially.

I made one slight change because your version only allows for one error message to be thrown. Misplacing the object a second time does not throw the message. Instead of triggering a layer, I triggered another slide & set the parent slide to When Revisiting "Reset to Initial State". This way the prompt occurs every time.

I couldn't find a way to make it work multiple times with the layer design. I think it is because the state does not get reset.

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