Drag & drop interaction: I always got "invalid answer"

Aug 07, 2013

Hi there folks,

I'm working on a drag & drop interaction that always gave me "invalid answer - you must complete the question before submitting" pop-up... despite the fact I move ALL my pics in their correct places, I can't get the "job's done!" message, nor the "try again" one in case I'm doing wrong associations.

I've checked my drag & drop settings and associations multiple times, but I'm not able to understand where my mistake is...


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Harri S

Hi Guido,

I think I've fixed it, but I'm not entirely sure why it didn't work to start with.

All I've done is change the 'hovered' states to 'hover' as SL recognises this function and therefore performs it without the need for any extra triggers. I then deleted the now obsolete triggers and um...it appears to be working. 

Hope this helps

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