Drag & Drop non-deterministic behavior on mobile (i-Phone SE)


I have created a drag-and -drop activity in Storyline 360 , which works great in browser with mouse, but when I try to drag items with a finger on the iPhone SE screen - sometimes they can be dragged and sometimes no.

I have published HTML5.
I do not use any transparency objects, as I learned this can interfere.

Is there any  way to overcome it?

Thank you very much!


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Russell Engoran

The top and bottom of the window, at least on safari on iphone, has functionality assigned to it (e.g. scroll to top, share page, etc...).

Sometimes, at least in my case, it would think I was trying to interact with the window instead of the page and dragNdrop would not work.

It resolved when I made sure the drag items were not too close to the top or bottom.

Maybe that would work for you too?

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Alyssa,

Many thanks,

I figured out that Russell advice in combination with making elements larger works consistently.

With small elements I did get things stuck if I rotated screen for example.

But I believe that enlarging them made sense also for user, to place their finger more comfortably.

Thanks a lot for fast reply, I will be in touch if the error reproduces itself.

Numan Muhammad

Some time we see issues in iOS or browsers specially chrome, SL2 or SL360 developed courses are not working well. We must check first to make sure that our mobile device or browser updated with latest updates. 
Now a days SL2 developed courses are not working well in Chrome but working perfect in Mozila, IE and other browsers. 

Numan Muhammad

Hi Alyssa, my name is Numan, 

All my developed interactions, Drag and Drop, Drop Down, Image matching and radio dial button's interactions are not working well in chrome but working better in Mozila and IE. My developers are using two attempts in interactions, first attempt is working but in second attempt user is not able to check answers. In next week I'll share here storyline 2 file.