Drag & Drop Reset - No stacking

Nov 19, 2019

Hello everyone, I'm building a chassis for various music elements. There are several images that are interchangeable with the device. I'm having problems returning Image 1 to its original zone when a new image is dragged on it. 

I have it set to allow only one item in each drop target, however it is not working as intended. Think of changing tires on a car. I want to be able to rotate wheels in and out, returning the current set to its origin. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Terrence!

Happy to help! It sounds like you want specific audio to play when the user drops a musical instrument on a drop target. Is that correct?

These are the triggers and drag & drop options I would recommend. Are all the musical instruments being dropped on one spot? If so, you would need to uncheck the "Allow one item in each drop target".

If you want to share your file, I can investigate further! You can do so by using the "Add Attachment" button in this discussion.

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