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Nov 06, 2015


made a simple D&D example. The goal is to give user instant feedback on dropped objects (turning it green/red). Problem occurs when wrongly placed object is returned to the original position BUT the state does not change back to normal (see 3 on the printscreen).

I did find a "solution" to change the #3 state back to normal if #1 or #2 are dropped on #3 - but that is lot of triggers (my project has 10+ objects on 5 drop points)



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sebastjan!

I'm not sure why you would want the state to go back to normal? If the user has attempted to move the piece, then why would showing them that the incorrect answer has been chosen not be ok?

Perhaps it would make more sense if you had the drag n drop options set to snap back to original if incorrect?

Attaching your file with this set-up. 

sebastjan f


thank you for your help.. I am aware of the "snap back to original if incorrect"  and use it frequently.. however in this case my client wants - an instant feedback (change of color) in combination with "allow one item on each drop target" (kinda yours "snap back")

Flash version works as it should be.. HTML5 doesnt - it "forgets" to refresh the state "while snapping back"

Leslie McKerchie

I'm trying to follow what you are wanting to do Sebastjan. The instant feedback color is still a part of your course. I'm not seeing differing behavior between the HTML or the HTML5 version of this project.



What do you mean by it forgets to refresh the state?

Dmitry Utkin

I agree with autor. Cause state changes to drop incorrect even if you started to drag and released object without reaching any target. Also if you drag object on target that is already filled (only one item allowed) replaced object reactes unpredictable - its state can return to normal or keep its correct/incorrect state.
I would recommend developers to add checkbox in DnD options - to keep state or to set it back to normal - if it is outside target.

Carbonite Training

I could also use the option to reset an object state back to normal if it is returned to the "home" position. I'm trying to create a quiz with no correct answers, but that assigns different values to variables based on where items are dragged and dropped. The "drop correct" and "drop incorrect" states aren't useful in my situation. I've created and assigned custom states, but I do need that state to reset if the object is no longer on a target. Hopefully that helps explain why this addition would be useful in general.

Carbonite Training

Thanks, Leslie. I've already gotten a bit of help from a previous support case (00984136), where I wasn't finding a way to report a variable value to an LMS (Litmos). They added some "How Many" slides that populate with those values, and now those are accessible in LMS. One issue I'm running into now is that those numbers are coming through multiple times. I'm not totally sure, but it might be sending those 4 running total variables once for every question in the quiz. There will be 10 questions when the quiz is complete, which will make that a bit unwieldy.

This .story file illustrates this specific problem too, though. If you drag an option to a slot, the test variable on screen populates. If you drag the file back to the home location (or replace it with another), the variable keeps the value and the object state doesn't change, and I'm unsure how to read this event with the given Articulate triggers so I can manually reset them. I fixed the replacement problem by testing the sum and product of all values each slide to make sure there is a 1, 2, 3 and 4. But this doesn't catch any cases where all four options are filled, and one is manually placed back in its home space: it will still allow the viewer to proceed and read the input as if the object was still in the slot.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Glad that Abel was able to help you insert them as How Many questions vs. Short answer questions. As far as submitting it more than once, I do see that you've got two results slides and therefore two "submit results" triggers.  Since you're not tracking the actual score on the drag and drop slide, it doesn't seem that you'd need that first results slide? 

Also, once you've added your own triggers to the drag and drop slide such as adjusting the state or calculating variables, it will override the built in drag and drop options such as delaying the item dropped state or returning it to it's normal state when it returns home, so you'd need to include additional custom triggers for those. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sebastjan,

Thanks for checking in on this issue and I'm sorry to say that there isn't an update to share with you from our team. The scope of this issue has been limited and hasn't made it up to the top of our teams list. That is driven by number of customers impacted, viability of other solutions/workarounds, and how a fix fits in with the current roadmap for fixes and features. 

We'll continue to keep you updated here if that changes! 

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