Drag&Drop - submit 'empty' response as wrong

Oct 13, 2017


A little struggle here with custom drag&drop. I have time limit for question - 30 seconds. When timeline of the slide ends, trigger submits D&D interaction. 

And when user haven't done any interaction on the slide (in this case - haven't dragged and dropped anything), there would be alert that "you should answer before submitting". Yeah, ok, but they didn't answer and shouldn't get any points, so for me, the question is simply answered wrong.

How I can force Storyline to make that scenario automatically as wrong answer and show wrong layer? I can handle every other freeform with some hacks, but couldn't come up with anything regarding D&D.

I could simply trigger the wrong answer layer, but how it will affect the final score on Results page? If user answers correct he/she should get 10 points, if wrong - 0 points at all. But the final score will be shown as percent on LMS, so without submitting, will it consider that missing 0/10 points in final score?

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Shalom Mangalindan

H Mateusz,

I tried this out for a while and I was able to set the score to "wrong answer" when the learner is unable to answer the drag & drop freeform within the time limit.

Here's what I did:

1. Create a third slide layer (say, 'TimesUp' layer) for when time limit is reached without an answer;

2. Add 2 triggers:

  • Show TimesUp layer when timeline reaches your time limit (e.g., 30 sec)
  • Change state of 'Submit' button  to Disabled when timeline reached 30 sec.

3. The TimesUp layer has 2 objects in it -- (1) message box and (2) another shape which serves as Next button (since Submit is disabled when this layer is activated).

4. Add a trigger on the TimesUp layer:

  • Jump to next slide when user clicks the 'Next' shape.

Storyline will score this as no points (same as a wrong answer). I've attached here the sample .story. It contains a multiple-choice quiz type as well so as to verify how items are scored.

Hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have questions.


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