Drag-Drop working differently in Flash and HTML5!

Jul 18, 2012

Hey guys,

I created one drag and drop activity in Storyline and to my surprise it works a bit buggy in the html5 version. More details below:

Issue 1:

Flash version: If I place drag_1 on target_1 and if I try to place drag_2 on the same target, drag_1 snaps back to its original position and drag_2 sits on target_1.

HTML5 version: If I place drag_1 on target_1 and if I try to place drag_2 on the same target, drag_2 sits on target_1 but the drag_1 does not snaps back to its original position.

Issue 2:

Flash version: After dragging a few drags on target I wanted to reset them, so I just jumped to the same slide again with setting the 'Reset to initial state' on slide reload and that refreshed my activity (Credits to Gerry aka SuperHero http://community.articulate.com/forums/t/15622.aspx).

HTML5 version: When I click reset just nothing happens....slide does not reloads

Link to Flash version: http://www.vinayakkadam.com/testing/dnd_issue/story.html

Link to HTML5 version: http://www.vinayakkadam.com/testing/dnd_issue/story_html5.html

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vinayak kadam

Hello Pete,

Sorry to bother you again, but a strangest thing has happened. I registered my issue with the Articulate Support and also sent them my story file. The support published my Story as HTML5 and to my surprise it worked absolutely fine at their end. They sent me the sample which worked fine.

I again published teh same story today in my Articulate and it worked buggy. So the thing is that Articulate version with Support published perfectly whereas my version publishes something buggy!

What do I do now ? I am completely clueless about the issue! And most importantly I have some deadline to follow!

Please help!

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