Drag grouped object over item to show layer when part of the group object is over the item

Nov 17, 2017


I have a slide that has a house and a grid on it.  Each of the grid areas is a target.  When I drag the cylinder group object over the grid areas I want to display a layer when a specific part of the grouped area is over the grid box.  Is this possible?  I have attached the storyline file.  In the file you will see the cylinder item with a blue and red box group with it.  When I drag the grouped item over the different grid boxes (example the green and orange grid)  i want a specific layer to appear when the red item in the group is over the green or orange gird box.    I hope this makes sense

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for including your file, Eric!

By default, the layer will appear when any part of the drag object moves over the drop target. However, it sounds like you want to reveal a layer only when the red part of the drag object moves over the drop target. 

I'll leave it to the community to share their ideas with you here. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with! 

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