Drag n drop - pick one...any solutions

May 27, 2020

Hi all,

I would be grateful if anyone could help with the attached story. I've been trying to get this and I'm sure someone will sort this in a matter of minutes but this has got the better of me.

I have a drag and drop activity which is in fact a "pick one" I have a correct and incorrect selection off screen depending on the users actions. I wanted to have a range of drag and drop answers but allow the user to place them in multiple orders to still get a correct answer. I've got as far as I can but I still keep getting an "incorrect" answer.

I also cannot get the user to put answers in wrong columns, which defeats the purpose of the activity.

Thanks in advance for any support (still quite new to storyline)

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C_ Cudworth

Hi Walt'

I had to alter the activity because it only allowed the user to drop on to the correct boxes. I want the user to be able to drop incorrectly as well.

I thought this could be achieved by adding a trigger, which changes the state when item is dropped incorrectly. However, I don't think this has worked - see attached file.

Please help...

C_ Cudworth

Hi Walt,

Once again may I thank you for taking the time to look at this. What I meant is that the drag and drop only worked when items were dropped correctly. If they were dropped incorrectly they would automatically ping back to starting position. I wanted to amend this because this means children could not make any mistakes, which I want them to do.

If you look at the triggers, I have added - change state to incorrect when dropped on any drop targets that it a wrong answer. However, it marks the slide as 0% even when I know the answer is correct.

Thanks in advance.


Walt Hamilton

You are right. If you aren't using a drag and drop interaction, objects can only serve as a draggable object or a drop target if they are part of a drag and drop trigger. However, since you've put the triggers in story 2, I think it is working. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't make the phrases ping back, no matter where I drop them (see the video), and whether I review and make changes, or just drop them correctly in the first place (see the second half of the video), I pass with 100%.

C_ Cudworth

Hi Walt,

I've finally worked it out! This was mind boggling but what I found out was the slide doesn't work when it's part of a question bank. Story2 worked because I copied it from my question bank and sent it to you as a single question. However, on my end I was previewing it as part of a question bank and it doesn't work. What I've had to do is sit this one question outside the question bank and leave the other 9 questions to be randomised inside the question bank.

I'm sending you version 3 to show you that the slide does not get marked as correct when it is in a question bank. Is this something you have come across before? It has been a huge headache solving this but thanks for your time. I would be grateful if you can look at version 3 attached, just so I can prove I wasn't going crazy!



Eleonora Sette

Hello Walt and Chris, I am having the same issue.

I can't seem to be able to drop the answers in the wrong targets (I have to use a pick one slide to allow the learner to drop an item in more than one correct place).

I am not sure I understand how you fixed this issue. Could you help?

Many thanks!

Walt Hamilton

The only way to allow dropping onto more than one target is to use a pick one interaction. Chris was having a problem because the slide question was being drawn from a question bank. No matter how it was answered, it registered as incorrect. Taking it out of the bank fixed the problem.

A trigger such as "change state to normal when object is dropped on object XX" attached to an object will allow it to be dropped on object XX.