Drag n Drop Sequential Slides

Jun 12, 2020

I may not have tried this before. I am building a course that is a game. I want to drag an object around to reveal game objects hidden on the slide. I want to be able to do this for at least 6 slides.

In starting out, I discovered the second of the drag n drop slides does not work. The drag object does not move on the second slide. I have tried several options none of which worked. I hope there is an answer that I can use to move on.

Example attached.

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Sam Hill

Hi Jeffrey, I think the problem is with the way you are navigating to the next slide using the torch. It looks to me like it is something to do with you still dragging the torch on the previous slide is interfering with the second slide.

I tested by adding a next button to navigate to the next slide instead of using the torch to drag onto the arrow.

I did find a solution for you. I use a new layer, and hide the draggable torch. Removing the torch successfully removes the drag event from the item. You can play around with the transition on the navigation layer I have added, but the key thing is, the torch of the base layer is removed entirely.

Jeffrey Riley

Sam, I appreciate your quick reply. That is interesting. I tried several solutions but did not think of the dragging event as affecting the next slide.

I will try some other ideas. Too bad this did not work because I liked the concept, but it did not work. I will definitely look at how you used a new layer because I had thought about that but did not try it yet.

Thanks again!

Jeffrey Riley

Sam, after experimenting, I discovered that just letting the slide go when the timeline ends was enough. I did not need the extra layer. 

It must be dragging the object somehow kept the drag n drop activity going. Not sure but this works. 

I also could have the player just click the arrow and that works. 

Thanks again for the ideas.

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