Drag-n-Drop showing incorrect on quiz review in Storyline 3

Hello Guys and Gals!

I am having a similar problem with a Drag-n-Drop showing incorrect on quiz review in Storyline 3. Please see the attached example.

Has anyone figured out how to conditionally change "Reset to Initial State" to "Automatically Decide"?

Or some other workaround for this problem...... :(

Thanks in advance!

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MarkAnthony Chesner

Hey Everyone,


I have just read this article: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/drag-and-drop-problem-with-the-reviewing-showing-incorrect-when-answered-correctly

Setting it to resume saved state worked for showing it as correct, but I lose the reset aspect of the DnD that I was going for on Try Again....

Any ideas on how I could have the best of both worlds :)?


Vincent Scoma

Hi MarkAnthony,

Happy to help here! 

Another option that you can try is to use Motion Paths instead of changing the Resume behavior for the slide. When the Try Again layer appears, there could be a trigger connected to that button that tells the objects to follow the motion paths to reset the Drag and Drop interaction. 

This community thread provides an example of this setup that I hope will help!