Dragging objects out of Scolling Panel

Jun 27, 2017


Im trying to create an interactive tool that allows users to drag objects around on the scene freely. The problem is that I have more than 20 individual drag objects and I was hoping to create a 'Toolbox' with the scrolling panel for a cleaner interface, where users can drag objects in and out of the scrolling panel.

However, Ive realized that drag objects that have been placed in the scrolling panel can only be dragged within the panel.

Is there any way to enable the entry and exit of drag objects in a scrolling panels? If not, are there any alternatives to keep the drag objects neat and tidy beside the arrangement?

Thanks in advance!

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Parashuram Vhaval

Hi Jia,

As you have already figgered out that, objects in scrolling panel can not be dragged out of it. However, if you place them overlapping each other and appear one object at a time, will solve the issue and it will not require having scrolling panel. The only drawback will be, the user can see only one drag item at a time.

Parashuram Vhaval
Walt Hamilton

Alternatively, if objects can be dragged within the panel, make the panel as large as the slide, and put everything on the slide in the panel. That way, everything can be dragged everywhere. If the panel is large enough, objects don't have to leave it.

Correct me if I understand wrong Walt. Do you want to say all drag items and Drop targets to add withing the scroll?

If both Objects (Drag item and drop target) placed within the scroll panel, it will make drop target scroll off the visible area. 

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