Draw on layers when creating drag-and-drop

Feb 24, 2014

I am creating a freeform drag and drop. I already have a slide with hotspots, with the text layer beneath it. Now I'd like users to drag the definitions of a feature to their matching icon. The definitions are on a different layer than the hotspots. Can I draw on the text layer when creating the free form or do I need to input it again?

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Jill McNair

Hi Lisa,

For a drag and drop to work, everything needs to be on the base slide.  But no need to input it again, simply copy and paste each definition to the base layer.  Is there a reason you want them on layers?  

You actually don't even need a freeform slide - you can create it with a regular slide.  I have attached a really basic example so you can see how it is done.  

Hope that helps!


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