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Jul 03, 2012

Looking at the vast amount of stuff in Storyline, I did not think I would need anything else.  But here I am - I started my first project in storyline and realized that I need an option of creating a drop down box on my slide.  Can I do that.  Here is what I need.

I have a table of data on my slide.  I want the user to have capability to sort the table using any of the columns.  For this I need to give him a dropdown box from which the user can select the column for sorting.  Once selected, the table should appear sorted by that column.

Any suggestions!!



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Cheryl Hay

I need to create a drop down select page for my project. Once the user has selected their choices from the 3 drop down lists (I want the drop downs to show different items - for example, the first will show grade levels, the second will show location and the third will show subjects), I need them to make their selection and then submit so that I can send them to the right training page... is anything like this possible?

Sarah Ednay

Hello Cheryl

I may have misunderstood your need, but there is a thread with very nice  pull down menu boxes put on a master slide here:


which may get you started?

I guess a combination of keeping the menu layers all showing and using variables to try and catch a set of three choices might work. But that's out of my league, so I'm only imagining....

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