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Jade Kelsall

Very clever!!!

Greg Damron said:

Here's the update for the master slide version- a little different approach was needed to effect to update the states of the menu items on the master from slide level ...see below (notes are also on the notes tab in the story file). Hope you find the enhancements useful!

Best regards, -Greg

Project details:

* All menu actions are on the master slide

* Hovering over any menu choice drops down that menu layer, then click select to make a choice or move out of the hover area to close the menu

* The use of a transparent shape around the menu area of the drop down creates a "hover border" to hide the drop down layer if the mouse is moved outside the menu area without making a selection

Jill Freeman

Hello, all. I've tried to make my custom menu work as desired, but need some help. It is similar to the one in this thread.

The menu is placed on the slide master, on it's own layer. It is activated by a button on the main layer of this slide master.

This is what we need to achieve:

1) The user must view all content in a section before being able to click any later section buttons.

2) The menu button must change to a "completed" state only after user has viewed all content in that section.

I have a unique variable at the end of each section (at slide level) that changes from False to True when the timeline ends. Each menu button on the menu layer on the slide master has a layer trigger that should turn the button's state to "Completed" when the unique variable has been changed to True.

I also have an object  trigger on each button that Jumps to the appropriate slide if the unique variable of the previous section has been changed to True.

Item #1 above is working, but the state change in item #2 is not happening.  

Does anyone have any ideas?  I appreciate your help!

Jill Freeman

[3/14/2013 - replaced attached file with one that will open]   I've posted a shortened version of the output and the story file. Please take a look at the menu on a layer in the Slide Master. (I have configured only the first four menu items for this demo.)

I successfully added an object trigger to each menu item that Jumps user to the correct slide, with the condition that they completed the previous section. Completion of the previous section is set to True with a unique variable on the appropriate slides. 

The problem I'm having is that the States of the menu items don't change after completing a section. I want the items to change from Normal state to Completed Section state. I'm using the same unique variable that changes to True upon completion of timeline on a slide (described above) to trigger a state change, but it doesn't work. 

Someone suggested that this cannot be accomplished from a layer in the slide master. That doesn't make sense to me, since the Jump to linkage works fine from the layer in the slide master.  

Please help - I need an alternate way to do this if it cannot be done the way I've got it configured. Thanks. -Jill