Drop Down Menu with Variables


I wonder if anyone can help take me to the next level with this.

I want the user to add in details about themselves that can be used to personalise the course.

I want the user to select their location that will then pull through location specific information later on in the course.

I have managed to work out how to create a drop down menu using a very rough layer process and changing status of the text, happy for any input on how to make this more refined.

What i need now is once the option is selected from the layer i need that option to be placed into the location holder.

I have already worked outt hat the location specific information can be sleected accordingly later on by a simple if xxx = to true show slide xxxx.

I think you will need to actually view my project attached to see where i am  upto and where i need to go.

Many thanks in advanced for any help recieved.

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Mike Enders

Hi Rachel,

I reworked your file a bit for you.  To achieve your goal, you only need the 4 text entry variables.  These are automatically created when you add a data entry box.  I've renamed the variables to match your input fields.  I've also deleted all the other T/F and text variables.

Next, I switched the triggers to adjust the text entry variables to the names of the cities when the user clicks one of the city names.  I then removed the red button and added a trigger to close the layer when the user clicked a city name.  Finally, I added a hover state to your cities to create a bit more of a drop down menu look and feel.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Mike Enders

Rachel the basic gist is that you can assign a value (in this case a word) to a text variable.  In simple terms we're saying "Hey Storyline, if the user clicks the word "Billingham", please fill in the text entry box with the word "Billingham".  Oh, and please close this layer too!

And then we do that for each word in the drop down menu that you created.  By the way...brilliant idea, the drop down menu on a layer!


Kirsten  Grubic

Mike and Rachel,

Your post above has answered one of the issues I'm researching.....thank you!

Taking this one step further.....is there capability in Storyline to add a calendar of dates to a data entry field where the learner can just click on "todays" date from a calendar which will populate in the data entry field?  Something simular to the drop down menu of locations that Rachel, you created.  From past experience we get all sorts of strange information in the "date" field, even if we indicate the format we require (i.e., yyyy-mm-dd) so we were hoping to provide a foolproof option this time.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Love to hear that, Kath! Especially on these much older discussions. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need any other help by starting a new discussion or responding to any others. 

Also, keep in mind our Support Team is available via email (and Live chat for Articulate 360 Teams customers) using that link. They'll be happy to help day or night.