Drop two items - and both stay visible?

Feb 17, 2023

Hi everyone,


Has anyone got an idea how I can drop two (or more) items in one spot (with drag&drop) - but they all stay visible? Because I want to give the user the chance to drop the objects exactly in the spot he/she wants them to be. Right now I organize the dropping - but then the objects  'jump' in a fixed spot on the dropspot, thus the first dropped object becomes invisible...How can I solve this?... I would be thankful for your help! Big thanks in advance!

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Daniel Canaveral

Hi Verena. From your description of the problem, it sounds like your draggable items are being set to "Snap to Center" within the Drop Target Options drop-down menu:

To provide the user with the ability to drop the draggable item anywhere on the slide - including outside the drop target - you'll want to set the option to "Free."

Verena Mogl, Netzwerk 4.0

Hi Daniel,

thanks for your quick and kind reply! But actually I didn't use a drag&drop slide but more or less tried to build one myself. So, I just added an object trigger which sets the state of the said object to 'normal' when the object is dropped on the target. This way the users can drag & drop the item. But if put on the same target - they 'snap to center' as you said...

Do you know how to handle this? Or do I have to work with drag&drop-slides to being able to change this?


Thanks again for your help and best wishes, Verena


Jose Tansengco

Hello Verena,

I agree with Daniel's solution. It would be best to use a drag-and-drop slide so you can have access to the Drop Target Options, which would allow you to specify how your objects will appear in the drop target zone. 

If you select tile for example, Storyline 360 will automatically place your drop objects side by side horizontally. 


Verena Mogl, Netzwerk 4.0

Hi Joe, thanks for your response! But I'm not sure, if this will work for me. Because if I understand correctly, than in a drag&drop freefrom-slide I can only assign each drag item to one drop target. But what I want to do is give the users the possibilty to drag several items to a scale from 1 to 5 - and they should be able to drop each item anywhere on this scale. How would I do this in a drag&drop slide? If you have an idea about this I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance and best wishes, Verena

Daniel Canaveral

Hi Verena. Thank you for the opportunity to review the source file. It gives a better sense of what you're trying to accomplish. If I'm not mistaken, the software is set up so that as soon as you create one of the Drop Correct/Drop Incorrect/Drag Over states (or a trigger that involves the user dragging or dropping on object), you are then afforded a very streamlined version of the "Drag and Drop Options" you would see if you converted the slide to an actual D&D slide:

By selecting each of the drop targets and setting the option to "Free," you should get the effect you're looking for.