State change not working with drag and drop exercise

Aug 10, 2017


I'm having an issue with a state change not working within a drag and drop exercise. The first two items work fine and from what I can see all of my settings are the same for the next 6 items, but they won't change when dragged to their correct spot. Hopefully someone will be able to see my error. 


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Leonie

I can't explain why but it has something to do with the text in the drop correct states of the 6 remaining items. I changed them to say 'drop correct' and they all work as expected. Not sure if you have pasted them from a word doc or powerpoint (sometimes the formatting plays up).

Also because you have completed the form view with the drag item and drop target matches you don't need all the triggers - I've deleted them in the second slide.

I also made the drop target the same height as the drag items 40px as sometimes if the drop target is smaller it catches and snaps back as incorrect.

Maybe try recreating the button drag text or create a new slide.


Leonie Lawson

Brilliant! Thanks Wendy. I'm glad it wasn't something too obvious, or I would have thought I was going crazy. Good to know about the triggers. I added these in when I first found it wasn't working, but thanks for the clarification that these are not needed. It looks like it was a coding issue behind the scenes as I did copy and paste the text so I know now not to do that next time! 

Many thanks


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