Mar 18, 2013


How can I make a dropdown appear and disappear as the user clicks on the end of it?  I created a tab on the base layer and set it up so that as the user clicks on the tab, the dropdown, which is set up on another layer, appears with the fly-in effect.  Now, I want the user to click on the tab and make it disapper with the fly-out animation effect. If I apply the "hide this layer" trigger to the layer, it essentially works but the transition appears jerky.  How do I appy the fly-out animation effect to it and make it work?  Thanks for your help!

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Donna Morvan

Hello Jin,

You can duplicate the layer where your menu is and put your exit animation there. So basically.. you will have 2 layers 1 with the entrance animation and the other one with the exit animation.

On the Exit Animation layer - make sure to add a trigger to hide the layer when timeline of the layer ends. Set the timeline around how much it takes to finish the animation.

Make sure that both layers are set to reset when revisiting.

See attached.


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