"Duplicate" function overwrites user clipboard

The "duplicate" functionality overwrites the user's clipboard.

This is not expected behaviour in any modern application.

Duplicating an instance of something within Storyline should have no connection to the user's clipboard.


To reproduce:

1) copy a random piece of text to your clipboard

2) duplicate a slide within storyline (using the "duplicate" option in the right-click context menu, OR ctrl + d)

3) the text you copied to your clipboard is now gone


Seems like the Windows clipboard is being used as some kind of temporary storage for the duplicated instance. Very strange!

Storyline 360 v3.34.20804.0

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Ryan Butterworth

Surely the whole point of providing a duplication feature is to avoid having to use the native clipboard in Windows?

Sure, it is analogous (meaning comparable in certain respects) - it achieves the same goal but should not work the same way "under the hood". The implementation seems hacky.

I'd definitely be interested to hear other's opinion on whether this is expected behaviour to them in a modern application.

After-thought: this would only be expected behaviour if the button was called "Duplicate item and reset my clipboard for no apparent reason".

Ryan Butterworth

There's a difference between re-creating the wheel and using "hacky" shortcut implementations that don't benefit the end-user, just to save time in development.

If we were still in 2012 I'd probably agree with you... however it's almost 10 years later, software and development has evolved!

This implementation should be re-considered.

Ryan Butterworth

Could it not at least be considered that the content in the clipboard is restored, rather than being reset?

That's the actual issue I'm trying to raise here. The user duplicates an item and their clipboard is reset. Their clipboard contents should be restored, no matter what method Storyline is using to duplicate instances.