Duplicated list item when bold

Feb 18, 2013

Hi Heroes,

Here's a strange one!

I have a numbered list (numbered manually).

I set the list to fly in by first level paragraph - that works fine.

But any line that contains a bold word flies in twice -- once at the desired time and then again when the next list item flies in. What's that about?

In my steps, I use bold for names of buttons or commands... Click View, or click Edit.

I tested by removing the bold formating from one of the lines, and sure enough -- just one fly in.

Any idea why this is happening?

Certainly curious,


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Judith Blackbourn

Hi Christine,

It looks the same, but I can't see behind the scenes.

I typed the numbers manually, instead of using the auto-numbering.

After each line I added a blank line, and formatted it to a smaller size.

This puts a little space between each numbered item (1.5 is too much, and default is too little).

I also tried this without putting the blank lines in.

Must not want me to use manual lists!

Christine Hendrickson

Well, I had assumed adding that additional spacing would cause this to happen.. again, though, I'm not seeing it.  Odd, indeed!

Here's the published version.

I'm attaching a file, if you don't mind taking a look and telling me if you see the same thing.

I added a manual number list with the following:

  • Rows of text without bold formatting.
  • Rows of text with bold formatting - one with a single word with bold formatting, one with two words.
  • Additional spaces between each line - lowered the font size for these blank rows to 8pts. 
  • Added the "Fly in" animation with "By first level paragraph". 



Christine Hendrickson

Hey Judith,

Sorry - I don't see notifications for post edits, so I didn't realize you posted some additional information. Glad I checked back!

Maybe you can send it over to our tech team, so we can test it out? I know the limit on the forums can be a bit of a hassle, sorry about that! If this is a bug, we definitely want to get a good look at it.

Thanks again,