Dynamically building Checklist

Jun 16, 2020

I am trying to build a checklist that will dynamically build throughout a course depending upon the choices that learners make. Essentially learners will be offered options to choose from on various pages throughout the course. Based upon their choices, those options will be added to a dynamically changing task list that can be viewed (via Lightbox) at anytime during the course.

Here is a model of what I am trying to create:

Dynamic Checklist Model


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Walt Hamilton

Create a T/F variable for button1 and Button2 with initial value False. Create Button1 and Button2 on pageA and PageB each with a Selected state

PageA triggers: Toggle variablebutton1 when learner clicks ButtonA.

PageB triggers: Change state of Button1to hidden when timeline starts on this slide if variableButton1 is false.  Change state of button1 to Normal when timeline starts on this slide if variableButton1 is True, etc.

Scott Jones


Thanks, that was what I was originally doing, but I think that I have worked out an easier way to achieve what I am after:

Set a Number variable that adjusts to a different # for each button and button combination that is clicked. Then, on every slide, add a "Task" layer that displays the current tasks as a text box with multiple states that change on layer timeline start according to the Number variable value. As long as I can keep track of what each Number variable value is supposed to show, then the list will always appear as dynamically growing...

I can also then use the same number variable values to trigger "events" later in the course, creating a semi-unique course experience for each learner.

This course is a Day-In-The-Life course that reflects the variability and different paths a day can take based on the choices and decisions that the learner makes along the way.


I really appreciate your taking a look and helping me out...this is fun stuff to figure out!

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