Dynamic checklists from array

Feb 18, 2021

I am building a course that requires the learner to choose from a list of supplies at the beginning of the experience.  Throughout the course, they will then use these supplies.  There are 8 overall categories of supplies that they might use, with 10 options in each category.  While I can create each item in each list as its own variable, I'm wondering if there's a way to build the lists from arrays and have the items that have been chosen appear dynamically.  This would be fairly straightforward to do in HTML + Javascript.  Do I have to create each item as its own variable or if there's a way to build and track list items dynamically?  

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Math Notermans

Both dynamic positioning and creating objects can be done with Javascript directly in Storyline.
If with a list you mean a list like in my Feature Request Overview... well then its easy.
As you can see in this one...clicking a row adds a vote... and you can add requests to the list. So if this what you want, its easy enough.