e-learn module taking a long time to launch in LMS

Apr 07, 2021

Hi wonderful tribe, 

I'm currently facing an issue with a specific e-learn module package that takes a long time to launch/start up on our LMS platform. A lot of our learners have been complaining that the screen is blank for more than 30 seconds before the module starts. 

We don't have any issue with the rest of the SCORM packages that we have launched in our LMS platform. 

I will be keen to know what could be some possible issues that it takes a long time to load? 

Attached is a video capture of it. 

Many thanks and look forward to some answers. 


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jasmine!

I appreciate that you took the time to record a video of the delay! It does take quite a bit of time to load the course. Does the course take the same amount of time to load when publishing for Review 360 or Web? If not, it would be best to reach out to SumTotal if they've noticed similar issues. 

Make sure to keep updated in this discussion!