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Dec 11, 2018

Fist, let me say I am a novice in JavaScript. 

I have build a course and after completion the participant can request a certificate. I was thing of a variable where he has to put in his e-mail address and a second variable in witch the participants has to enter his name.

Then with the trigger to send an e-mail. An e-mail message is composed with in the TO  line the participants e-mail address and in BBC a fixed e-mail address for administration purposes at HQ.

In Subject the name of the training

And in the body text an eml template with the variable entry related to the name.

Is this possible? If so, how should I proceed?

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Bridget O'Dell

Hi Ben,

Yes, this can be done. You can have the user enter his/her name in a text entry field and pull that variable into the body of an email as well as have them enter an email address into a text entry field and have that email address be entered as the "TO" address. If you wanted the user to specify the subject, you could pull that in as well again with a text entry field and using that variable. You cannot (to my knowledge) include both a TO and BCC, you are limited to just 1 email address in the "TO" field.

I will be publishing an article on how to do all of this in the next day or so, and once published I will link to from this article.

Hope this helps!

Ben Brink

Hello Bridget, Phil,

Thanks for the answers, but I have decided to go for a different approach. I'll use a dynamic printable certificate instead.

To get started, I use the tutorial written by Matthew Bibby. https://community.articulate.com/discussions/building-better-courses/tutorial-create-a-dynamic-workbook

I'll work on it today. 

Question, if I canot get it to work, can I send the files to somebody and ask this person to have a look?




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