Edit Object Descriptions that appear in Print Results for Quiz Slides

Dec 10, 2018

When you reach the end of your quiz and it displays options to review the quiz, print results, or continue, the Print Results page displays how the learner did. However, in my example I used drag a drop and the object descriptions appear in the quiz results under 'correct answer' and 'student answer' fields. (See picture)

Is there any way I can edit these? You can change the object titles in the timeline area but not the object names themselves, which appear in the print results.

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I've sent in a feature request for this.  These printable reports are pretty terrible, and it seems like the current version is an improvement over what's been available in the past.  The ability to customize these reports at all would be very helpful, or at least support on creating HTML based reports if it's not something that will be part of Storyline 360.  Just let me make my own without being an HTML expert! :)

Lauren Connelly

Hi Daniel!

It sounds like you're looking for a way to customize the report from a Results Slide in Storyline 360. While there isn't a way to customize this in Storyline 360, I know we have community members who have found a workaround to customize the report. Here's a similar discussion that includes workarounds!